Terms & Conditions of OneDay Roadshow 2016

1. General information

1.1. The OneDay Roadshow is organized by the GJC Inter Media Sp. z o.o. Company – the publisher of Gifts Journal quarterly, publisher of European Suppliers Book, the leader of “Solid Work in Business” Program and owner of the adbase.info portal – located in Poznań, Podbiałowa 11, registered in the business registry of the Local District Court Poznań-Nowe Miasto and Wilda in Poznań, 8th Division of the National Registrar of Companies with a number 0000107721, tax reference number 781-17-06-884.

Contact phone number: +48 61 825 73 22
Fax: + 48 61 825 84 85
E-mail: sales@gjc.pl

Technical department:

Małgorzata Jewasińska
e-mail: gosia@gjc.pl
phone: +48 61 674 01 54

1.2. The provisions of this document are valid for all entities using the services of GJC Inter Media, referred to as Organizer, and are referred to as Participant of OneDay Roadshow  Exhibitor or Visitor.

1.3. The Participant of OneDay Roadshow – Exhibitor or Visitor may be the business entity according to the business regulations (among others the sole traders, companies, etc.).

1.4. The OneDay Roadshow is accessible only for adults.

1.5. OneDay Roadshow will last for 5 days (5.09.2016 – 9.09.2016) and will take place in four cities:

  • Warszaw
  • Poznan
  • Berlin
  • Chorzow
  • Wroclaw


1.6. Opening hours for Visitors

5.09.2016 – 9.09.2016 at 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.,

1.7. Opening hours for Exhibitors

5.09.2016 – 9.09.2016 at 9 a.m. – 5 p.m

2.Participation in OneDay Roadshow

2.1. The basis for participation in OneDay Roadshow is sending back to the Organizer an e-mail containing the words “I agree to the terms & conditions and the cost”.

2.2. One may participate in OneDay Roadshow only after settling all due payments towards the Organizer. Sending an e-mail agreement of terms & conditions and the cost is equivalent to accepting the content of this document in its entirety and is an obligation to settle all payments linked with one’s participation in OneDay Roadshow.

2.3. The Organizer has the right to cancel the OneDay Roadshow due to independent reasons not later than until 10.08.2016 and in such case is obliged to return the advance payment. The Organizer may cancel the agreement in case of false or incomplete Exhibitor’s data. The Organizer has the right to cancel the agreement without notice in case of obvious violation of the agreement provisions by the Exhibitor:
a) not settling any due payments towards the Organizer
b) subletting or passing on the possibility of participating in OneDay Roadshow to a third party without the permission of the Organizer

3. Stands

3.1. The Organizer has the right to change the stand location due to organizational, technical or safety reasons.

3.2. The Exhibitors receive in proper time and gradually the detailed information about the distribution of exhibition area and all changes, connected with location.

3.3. Each participant, when required, should allow for routing through his stand the installation to the adjacent stands, necessary for connecting the technical devices.

3.4. The space at an exhibitor’s disposal must be cleaned and left undamaged. An exhibitor who will damage and/or leave the space dirty will be obliged to pay a fee constituting the half of the price of renting the space.

3.5. The Organizer is not responsible for any interruptions in media and services supplying, caused by other parties, and is obliged to undertake all necessary activities in order to restore access to them.

3.6. The standard booth equipment in hotels during the Roadshow includes: table and two chairs. The company obtain for use an area of about 5-6 m2. Rollups are permittet to use on the stand, the use of any other stand equipmet requires prior approval by the Organizer.

3.7. The Exhibitor is responsible for damages of object, furniture and installations, caused by himself or persons representing or hired directly or indirectly.

4. Safety

4.1. It is forbidden to take weapons, ammunition and explosive materials to the fair, as well as objects, which may cause danger for people inthe OneDay Roadshow area.

4.2. The pyrotechnical shows are forbidden.

4.3. The organizer takes no responsibility for the things left in the cloakroom by the participants of the meeting. Therefore any claims relating to the loss or damage of things left in the cloakroom by the participants of the OneDayRoadshow are not to be considered.

5. Claims

5.1. All claims connected with the stand and the technical service will be considered only upon the basis of former report in the Technical Department during the OneDay Roadshow.

6. Canceling participation.

6.1. An exhibitor may cancel his participation in OneDay Roadshow with no consequences up to 30 June, 2016. In case of opting out of OneDay Roadshow after this date, for reasons not depending on the Organizer, an exhibitor is obliged to pay all due costs stemming from participation in the show.

7. Other promotion forms during the roadshow

7.1. Advertising of the company or services, as well as distribution of promotional materials outside of purchased place, is possible only after the Organizer’s permission and acquitting the proper payments. Publication of materials outside the stand without the Organizer’s written permission is subjected to penalty in amount of 3000 PLN for each disclosed distribution form.

7.2. All posters, stickers and other printed advertisement materials, placed in the exhibition halls without permission will be removed at the Exhibitor’s cost during the roadshow.

7.3. Advertising of third companies, not being the Exhibitors is forbidden, also in case of companies cooperating with the Exhibitor. Violation of those conditions is subjected to penalty in amount of 3000 PLN.

7.4. The Organizer has the right to emit announcements with use of sound amplification system.

7.5. Any lotteries, competitions, quizzes, etc. require the Organizer’s written permission and following the proper regulations.