Firol  Since 2004 is Adore s.r.o. as a provider of advertising pens on the Czech market.
At 2014 entered Adore the German and Austrian market.
Currently the offer includes articles from the cheapest plastic ballpoint pens across a wide range of design advertising pens or branded ballpoint pens. For more demanding customers we offer individual Pantone colors, custom shapes clips (CLIP ART) or color combinations in selected pens.
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subli-na-bawelnie Sublimation on cotton
Sublimation is a technique that allows you to make printouts on polyester surfaces of a whole range of gadgets, such as: mugs, puzzles, umbrellas, metal sheets, sport wear, etc. For over a year, in our offer there is also a special paper media and powder, that you can transfer to white cotton fabric. A „sublimation printing on cotton” received the award in the „Crown of advertising” in „Technology” category at this year’s trade show RemaDays.
i-craft Cutting Plotter iCraft
GCC iCraft is a handheld cutting plotter in A3 size. Particularly recommended for scrapbooking, creating stickers, unusual sheets, cutting the flex and flock foils as well as magnetic foils. Among the most important advantages of the technical parameters of the plotter is: the maximum thickness of the material being cut: 0.8 mm, auto-matching cutting knife, the possibility of cutting with contour. Plotter is included with a specially designed and intuitive software Sure Cuts A Lot. The company Agawa.PL Sp o.o. is the exclusive distributor of iCraft plotter in Poland.
neenah Heat Transfer Papers by Neenah
Our company offers a wide range of thermal transfer papers aimed to be printed in colour laser printers and copiers using conventional CMYK toners as well as the white toner system. Using it you can make transfers on surfaces such as white or colour T-shirts, key chains, wooden boards, wood, ceramics, metal sheets, acrylic, stone, leather, glass, etc.
558_559 New wall clock models 558 and 559
Apart from our plastic wall clocks, which are in our regular offer, in recent weeks we launched new special products – models 558 and 559. Their cases are made of brushed plastic but resemblance to aluminium is enormous! Model 558 has diameter 25 cm. Model 559 is larger – 30 cm. All clocks we prepare under individual order. We hope you find these items interesting.
For more details please feel free to contact our office staff!
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577 New wall clock model 577
Having already a few wall clock models from aluminium and diameter 30 cm…. is not enough for us! We would like to present a new model with different rim shape in comparison to what you have already seen in our regular offer. Clients’ taste is so diverse that we need to be ready regarding different clock options.
All clocks we prepare under individual order. If you think this is a clock you are looking for please feel free to contact our office staff regarding details!
+48 616 52 12 12
610_611 New desk clock model 610 and 611
Year 2016 is full of changes in our company. Recently we decided to expand our regular clock offer from wall clocks only, also to desk clocks. New desk clocks appeared in our offer – model 610 and 611. Despite the difference is size comparing to wall clocks – the advertisements on the clock face can be seen easily – as the destined location for this item is an office desk. The dials can be made according to any individual idea.
We hope that this item will meet your needs! For more details please feel free to contact our office staff!
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1 - FOFCIO Promo Toys Order now new FOFCIO Promo Toys catalogue!
New FOFCIO Promo Toys 2016/2017 catalogue is now available with many ideas for unique and outstanding advertisement. This year’s novelties are e.g. plush hand puppets and snap bands in various shapes and colours. Every product from FOFCIO Promo Toys collection is suitable for printing. We offer modern personalization techniques that will transform mascots into special marketing tools full of warm and happy memories associated with a company.
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2 -Voyager Special Edition 2016-2017 The magic of gifts in VOYAGER Special Edition 2016/2017 catalogue
VOYAGER Special Edition 2016/2017 is a must read before the Christmas time. Inside the catalogue there is a wide range of exceptional products, ready gift sets, numerous inspiring novelties and ideas for Christmas gifts. You can find there also exclusive gifts for every occasion that are popular all year round. Modern personalization techniques will make the gifts even more special and create a perfect personalized marketing tool.
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3 - Air Gifts Outdoor Pro-Motion Get to the highest picks of advertising with Air Gifts Outdoor Pro-Motion!  
Air Gifts Outdoor Pro-Motion brand is constantly growing and introducing new products to the offer. There is a large selection of high quality thermo mugs (many models and colours), power banks and various types of lights. New V8747 torch has recently joined the collection. It’s a CREE LED torch with 280 lumen, 3 flashing functions (strong, normal, flashing) and bicycle holder. Perfect solution for people who love active lifestyle, travelling and outdoor recreation.
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This patented and revolutionary invention simplifies barbecue, bonfire and fireplace lighting. As an promotional gadget it is a very interesting alternative for traditional advertising products like pens or bags. Thanks to this firestarter brand can give to its customers or co-workers a functional article, which is usefull in a lot of situations – during relax in nature or sitting in front of fireplace. Brand can create an unusual bond with recipients and save in their memory. Some people don’t want to burn it up – they prefer to put the firestarter on a shelf as an decoration.
oneday_qbook_edica Qbook – the new brand of notebooks
Qbook is a new brand of colorful and practical notebooks. It is for all people who take notes, draw, sketch or just scribble. Qbook is a brand for all people who express their personality with color and are open for new ideas.This is a Polish product, with flair and modern design, convenience and excellent performance. Qbook is made with FSC certified paper, available in 6 vivid colors and 2 sizes. Qbook was awarded by Red Dot 2016, the most prestigious award of industrial design, often referred to as the design Oscar. The originator, producer and owner of the brand Qbook is Edica Sp. o.o.
roadshow kopia WIB polish producer of screenprinting, sublimation and sewing clothes.
WIB – Polish producer of screenprinting and sublimation, sewing clothes and gadgets for order to advertising and brands. We are specialize in individual high-quality offer for customer expectations. We offer good term of realization.
MF_OneDayShow_mf_v1 MODERN FORMS
Personalised metal and plastic medals with dedicated graphics. Not die cast medals (without using the die) can achieve any shape or colour – according to our customer’s request. Unique trophies with customised printings or inscription. They are made of the highest quality materials that are created in an impressive and extraordinary way. Distinguished by their unique design that combine the traditional elegance with modern form. Handmade bowls made of natural wood. To produce these unique products we are using the combination of nobel materials with artistic skills and handicraft precision.
MUSHROOM 6000 Here comes the season for mushrooms – MUSHROOM 6000 from Jett Studio
Like mushrooms? We’ve got something special for you! With our MUSHROOM 6000 you will no longer have to play in the dark. You can use this power bank to charge your electronic devices, or you can have a light in the dark. Surprising 2 in 1 stylish designed mushroom. The capacity of the powerbank is 6000 mAh with an input of 5V/1.5A and output of 5V/2.1A. Including USB charging cable.
Warsaw - BK Rainy weather in autumn is not that bad – Umbrella WARSAW from Jett Studio
Autumn, rainy weather… It’s not that terrible, when we have an umbrella called WARSAW. Its sturdy fiberglass frame and stable steel shaft guarantee long-term usage. Leather handle provides an elegant and timeless look and automatic, smooth opening will quickly take shelter from the rain.
ANTATIDA ANTARTIDA Softshell – the perfect choice for autumn – from Jett Studio
The last days of vacation, getting back to school, at this time of the year, we slowly start to think about the upcoming autumn. This is when we look for warmer clothes. Softshell jackets are perfect for this time of year. They are windproof and thus warm. Waterproof, protect us against rain. They are very lightweight and comfortable. Antartida model is also characterized by an interesting cut and nice colors. It’s the perfect choice supplementing your autumn’s wardrobe.
1zestaw narzedzi Smart DIY tool set
Multi tool set consisting among others of workstation lamp on set in telescopic arm and torch. Both of them are detachable and can be used on their own.
2uchwyt do telefonu Car mobile phone holder
Practical car mobile phone holder. It is mounted on the car ventilating grating. It can hold devices as wide as 8.4 cm.
3ekran z soczewką Enlarge Enlarge mobile phone screen magnifier
Mobile phone screen magnifer up to 8.3 inches. Great to comfortably watch movies and pictures as well as reed e-books. 3D like screen display effect. No batteries need to operate it.
printboxy PRINTBOX – boxes with your logo – for Flash Drives and Powerbanks from our offer.
It’s a simple and effective way to distinguish the product selected from the USB Stock offer.
For all our Printbox / PBprintbox we can apply any digital printing over the entire surface.
– Paper box with glossy finishing. Inlay blister.
– A simple way to implement, just send your logo!
– Good price!!!
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