International success of the OneDay Roadshow

„Every day is a thousand of possibilities” 122 exhibitors and 621 visitors. For the first time in the German capital. Interesting trainings and souvenirs. International company. In these few sentences one can describe the third edition of one-day meetings for the promotional products industry held in the beginning of September – the Oneday Roadshow.

It all started on August 31st in Warsaw and later continued in Chorzow, Poznan to have its final in Berlin. This time, distributors and importers of promotional gifts had the opportunity to present their offer in the capital city of our western neighbours, and thus gained the ability to reach with their products and services even greater number of specialized customers. This is not the only novelty that has been prepared by the organizer. During the meeting in Warsaw Novotel hotel participants were able to attend training courses conducted by Bartlomiej Stolarczyk, highly valued coach specializing in assertiveness training, personal development, ethical persuasion and sports psychology. They could listen to two interesting, from business point of view, lectures – „Persuasive Telemarketing” and „Social Engineering in Sales”. Those who had registered through the website of the organizer before the ODS started could attend them free of charge. In other cities there was something for the body and something for the soul. In Poznan and Chorzow registration in advance guaranteed a gift for every participant – a ticket to Multikino cinema, a voucher for a dinner in the hotel restaurant or a book from the vast collection of „Bookstore for Business”. To paraphrase the motto of this year’s edition „these were days with thousands of possibilities”.

In participants’ eyes

Nearly a hundred representatives of advertising agencies appeared in Ellington hotel in Berlin to check offers of Polish producers and distributors of promotional gifts presented in the OneDay Roadshow for the first time. It is a very good prognosis for the next year’s edition of „the tour” because industry meetings of this kind have been held for many years in our western neighbour’s market and have enjoyed considerable success. Visitors positively assessed both the offer by Polish and foreign exhibitors, as well as the premiere organization of the event. Stay in Ellington hotel was also satisfactory to our domestic exhibitors.

I am extremely pleased that this year’s „tour” included the capital of Germany. In Berlin we met our regular customers and new ones as well. They were amazed with the quality of our embroidery. In this field, our neighbours could learn a lot from us. I am pinning great hopes on this visit for the future – said Daniel Lukic, owner of Elephant Lukic company.

Foreign participants of this year’s OneDay Roadshow who have decided to exhibit in three Polish cities shared similar views. The list of visitors included representatives of companies and advertising agencies from Hungary, Germany, Czech Republic, Spain, the UK and Belgium.

We want to build our brand abroad, and there is no better way than to present an offer directly to a client. For us Poland is one of the largest textile markets. During the meetings in Warsaw, Chorzow and Poznan we showed our latest products. The interest was very high and I am sure that our visit here will bring tangible resultsAnna Kohlićkowa said in fluent Polish. Let the words of the representative of company Adler Czech Republic A.S. confirm current motto of the OneDay Roadshow – „One day – thousands of possibilities”.


Thousands of possibilities in Poznan!

„One day – thousands of possibilities” is a watchword of this year’s event. On the third day in Poznan, participants of the OneDay Roadshow experienced realism of this slogan. At the halfway point of the „tour ” representatives of the advertising industry met in welcoming Novotel.

Latest offer of the Polish market was presented by nearly 30 exhibitors who thanks to vigorous trade talks were able to reach new markets and specialized customers.

Polish part of the OneDay Roadshow is gone but the tour is still on. Tomorrow trade professionals meet in Berlin for the first time! Today, full of emotions, we would like to invite you to this event. See you!



Business feast in Silesia

While Polish students were beginning their school year, participants of the OneDay Roadshow opened the second day of the event – this time in Chorzow. Smiling faces of exhibitors indicate that it was a very fruitful day.

The organizer has prepared a surprise for all visitor. Everyone who had registered their participation in the Roadshow received gifts: tickets to cinema, books or lunch in the hotel.

High level of participation in the OneDay Roadshow once again proved that the event had already got certain reputation and enjoyed extraordinary interest. There are two days of the business feast ahead of us – tomorrow, its participants meet in Poznan. See you!



Training start in Warsaw

On the last day of summer the next September edition of the OneDay Roadshow started. Participants of this important industry event met in a new venue – Novotel hotel located in Marszalkowska St. in Warsaw. The first guests arrived just after 9 a.m. and took part in an interesting training course. Lectures covering „Persuasive Telemarketing” and „Social Engineering in Sales” were conducted by Bartlomiej Stolarczyk. Upgrading their skills was useful to all participants and improved their abilities of establishing business relations.

Strong interest presented by the industry professionals shows that the market is looking for possibilities to strengthen business abilities and is receptive to novelties in the second half of the year.

We believe that we will be positively surprised in next visited cities. See you in Chorzow tomorrow!


The international final in Berlin

The final of this year’s tour took place in a charming hotel Ellington in Berlin. In the capital city of Germany 33 exhibitors had a chance to present their novelties and latest trade achievements prepared for the second half of the year.

Today’s special event went down in history as the first one held in Berlin. Number of visitors confirms that novelties of companies from eastern market are very popular with our western neighbors.

We thank all participants for their presence at this year’s OneDay Roadshow. We are also pleased to invite you to the next edition in 2016! See you there!


The OneDay Roadshow 2015 under the auspices of PIAP

The Polish Chamber of Promotional Products, a trade organization associating nearly 150 companies from promotional products industry takes media patronage over the OneDay Roadshow 2015.

The OneDay Roadshow 2015 is a series of one-day meetings for specialists form advertising trade. The event has already entered into schedule of obligatory exhibitions in Poland.

In 2015 representatives of advertising agencies, importers, suppliers and distributors of promotional products meet on 31st August in Warsaw, 1st September in Chorzow, 2nd September in Poznan. The series finishes on 3rd September in Berlin. The Polish Chamber of Promotional Products will take part in the OneDays Roadshow 2015 located in Warsaw, Chorzow, Poznan.

Berlin hosts the OneDay Roadshow

In the end of March, the 1st edition of the OneDay Roadshow Europe took place. Specialists from advertising trade visited 4 capital cities of the Old Continent – Budapest, Vienna, Bratislava and Prague. A foundation for organizing the series of one-day meetings in Europe was great interest expressed by exhibitors and visitors of two earlier Polish editions of the OneDay Roadshow. This year’s exhibition events in our country begin on the very last day of August and are of international character. On the first day importers, distributors and representatives of advertising agencies meet in Warsaw, then they move to Chorzow (1st September) and later they visit Poznan (2nd September). The final stage takes place in Berlin (3rd September). It is a new idea of the events’ organizer – GJC Inter Media Sp. z o.o. – who this way meets the expectations and suggestions of the exhibitors. The completion of the OneDay Roadshow in capital city of Germany will be and excellent opportunity to present the latest achievements of advertising trade in a very demanding and at the same time absorbent market of our western neighbors. We are please to invite your to the show.

OneDay Roadshow – One day, thousands of possibilities