Wroclaw on the ODS map again

It is hard to believe that it is almost the end of this year’s meetings of specialists from advertising industry during the OneDay Roadshow. Today Polish exhibitors returned to Lower Silesia and Ibis Style hotel. Certainly, one of the main factors that caused great interest of companies presenting the offers and visitors, was the fact that a unique event, as far as our conditions are concerned, is held in Wroclaw again after almost three years break. Presentation of the achievements of the industry, constructive business talks is one thing, however the organizer of one-day meetings, like in other cities, prepared surprises. Participants of the event were extremely happy to use them. Many of them decided to confirm their presence in Ibis hotel in advance through on-line registration, thanks to which they were able to expand their own book collections by a book proposed by Business Library of GJC Inter Media. Two benefits at one go – a convenient and quick on-line registration and a gift to choose from (eg. a useful book) met with the big welcome of the participants of the ODS. The others, immediately after the event finished, announced paying a visit to Multikino cinema, although sponsored tickets are valid to the end of the year. Well, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy… Some chose a book and others relaxation in the cinema. And tomorrow is the last day of the OneDay Roadshow 2016.

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