The OneDay Roadshow 2016 just after Summer holidays

The beginning of this year’s September looks very intense. Next, fourth so far edition of the September events dedicated to advertising industry starts then. This year seems to be even more interesting than the previous one, because Wrocław returns to the OneDay Roadshow schedule! This exceptional advertising tour will begin on 5th September in Warsaw and be continued in Poznań (6th September), Berlin (7th September), Wrocław (8th September) and Chorzów (9th September). This year you can’t miss it!

The formula of the OneDay Roadshow is simple. Every day, different city becomes the centre of advertising meetings. A series of one-day trade fairs has became very popular in recent years because it is an opportunity not only to build a direct relationship between the producers, distributors, importers of advertising products and the entrepreneurs, but also the best way to build mutual trust. The OneDay Roadshow’s success should be also attributed to the unique ideas. The one-day fairs go beyond the rigid framework of business meetings. Presentation of the offer in a smaller group creates welcoming atmosphere that allows for reaching the interested customers directly.

As in the previous year, the Polish Roadshow will go beyond our country borders. Germany has been a leader in organizing one-day exhibitions for years. They are very popular there. The local buoyant advertising market is open to offers of foreign importers hence the OneDay Roadshow will stop in Berlin for one day. So it will be a chance to expand international contacts and show your offer to the foreign market. Representatives of advertising agencies, importers and distributors of promotional gifts will also have the opportunity to learn the local markets and present the offer in a hot for the industry pre-Christmas period. The fair will be held in professionally equipped hotels of the highest business standard what will provide comfortable conditions for business talks.

Today, we encourage you to participate in this unique series of promotional meetings and invite you to follow , where we provide details concerning our event.